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    Alimony - or Spousal Support - is Anything But Guaranteed in Florida Divorces. Miami Family Law Attorney Rier Jordan Advocates Your Position in Alimony Requests

    In dealing with the details of divorce cases in the State of Florida, alimony is one of the most debatable subjects. Unlike child support, which is calculated with a mathematical formula based on both parents' incomes, alimony is highly subjective. Considerations for alimony payments include:

  • The duration of the marriage. Longer marriages are more likely to result in an alimony award.
  • One party's need for monetary support, combined with the other party's ability to pay it. In the Florida, the goal of alimony is to maintain the lifestyle the parties lived while married.
  • The age of the alimony applicant and his or her ability to earn an income.
  • How much each party contributed to the marital income. If one spouse was the breadwinner while the other gave up a career to become a home maker or caregiver for the family's children, he or she may be more likely to be awarded alimony.

Should alimony be granted, it can be paid in three ways. The most common is through monthly payments that can go on until the individual receiving the payment dies or remarries. The second method is considered temporary or rehabilitative. That means alimony is paid for a specific period of time for a specific purpose - while the recipient is trained for a career, for instance. The third form of alimony payment is the “lump sum.” Sometimes referred to as a divorce settlement rather than an alimony lump sum payment, this form of alimony is paid to the recipient in a single payment, usually in a significant amount. Tax ramifications are significant with lump sum alimony payments.

Alimony is not guaranteed in Florida, even if many of the above situations are met. That's why it's imperative to have an attorney experienced in family law matters if alimony is a factor in your divorce proceedings. Rier Jordan has obtained alimony orders for scores of clients and has helped many others establish the necessary record keeping supporting their case.

Even if you've been issued an alimony agreement, the order can be modified at any time, which can be an extremely stressful time, particularly in these tough economic times, when new jobs are difficult to come by and retraining is not always feasible.

Don't let the uncertainty of an alimony agreement prevent you from seeking one, however. Rier Jordan has successfully plead cases for spousal support and he can put together an aggressive case for you.

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