Miami Appellate Attorney handling Criminal Appeals in the Florida Supreme Court

Appellate criminal defense is a specialized field and we at Rier Jordan P.A. believe that our clients need and deserve dedicated appellate representation. We are one the very few criminal law firms in Miami to offer our clients the services of both trial representation and post-conviction criminal appellate options.

Although a guilty verdict or finding is a devastating event for the client and family, we urge our clients to view this not as the end of a criminal case but as the beginning of the appellate process. The criminal trial courts are hectic places, with judges, prosecutors, and defense attorneys often responsible for hundreds of cases at any given time. Mistakes are made, and often those mistakes affect our client's Constitutional right to a fair trial. The appellate process is where those mistakes are corrected. The attorneys at Rier Jordan P.A. can help you by identifying legal issues at your trial or hearing, by preparing a clear and compelling brief (the written argument presented to the appellate courts), and by engaging in focused, forceful oral advocacy on your behalf. Our experience is what sets us apart. We fight for our appellate clients, and we want to fight for you.

Rier Jordan, P.A. is proud to represent people who have been charged with DUI and related offenses in Miami- Dade County, Broward County, Volusia County, Palm Beach County, Collier County, St. Lucie County, Monroe County, and throughout the State of Florida.

Types of Appeals