South Florida Family Law Attorney Rier Jordan Can Help You Navigate One of the Most Difficult Aspects of Divorce - Child Custody and Child Visitation Arrangements

When a married couple decides to divorce, there can be acrimony regarding all sorts of subjects - property, debt, retirement accounts - but one topic tops all others in terms of concern and potential conflict: Children.

The practical matter of custody - with which parent the children will primarily reside - is often the first concern. The State of Florida recognizes several custody arrangements:

  • Shared Parental Responsibility. Florida family law courts strive for this type of arrangement whenever possible. Generally, one parent will be declared the primary residential parent, meaning the kids live in that parent's home the majority of the time. The nonresidential parent will see the children on a prearranged visitation schedule that's determined through mediation or ordered by the courts. Both parents share the responsibility of making important decisions for the children - about their schooling, health care and other parenting topics.
  • Sole Parental Responsibility. This arrangement is made usually only when one parent is not fit or willing to participate in parenting duties. The children will live with only one parent who serves as the only decision maker regarding the children's upbringing. When evidence of child abuse or domestic violence is available, the courts will often decide in favor of a sole parenting scenario. The nonresidential parent may not have visitation rights with his or her children.
  • Rotating Custody. Like the shared parental responsibility style of custody, both parents are responsible for decision making on their children's behalf. However, rather than having one primary residence with a scheduled visitation, the children would split their time between each parent's home on a court-approved schedule. This arrangement is relatively rare in Florida, but can be successful given the right circumstances.

As an expert in family legal matters, attorney Rier Jordan can help you determine the most appropriate child custody and visitation scenario for your situation. In addition, he'll advise you and help you gather the evidence to help procure the custody details you require. For instance, your economic circumstances, relationship with the child and ability to meet his or her scheduling needs all factors into custody decisions.

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