Child Support Attorney

In Florida, Child Support Guidelines are Clear. In Reality, Many Factors Influence It. Miami Family Law Attorney Rier Jordan Can Help You Find Your Way Through It.

When a couple divorces in the State of Florida, both parents have a legal obligation to provide for their minor children. Legal guidelines have been established to make the process simple, and in many cases it is only a matter of weighing both parents' incomes, factoring in the number and specific needs of the children and assigning a monthly amount that each parent is responsible for. Details such as medical insurance, daycare costs and the amount of time the children spend with each parent factor into the equation that determines child support amounts.

Sounds simple, right? Well, money matters are rarely as cut and dried as they seem on the surface and child support falls into that category. Rier Jordan and his team of family law professionals are experienced in aiding clients who are seeking to establish child support, those who seek modification to existing court-ordered child support and those who are having difficulty making their required payments and those who are having difficulty collecting payments due to them. Rier Jordan is also familiar with situations where one parent is being less than honest about his or her income or the child's expenses in an attempt to garner a more substantial payment.

Some things to consider when child support is being established:

  • Child support is not tax deductible.
  • Child support is established based exclusively on the parents' income, without consideration of their expenses.
  • Failing to pay child support can have criminal legal ramifications, including jail time.
  • Modifications to child support orders are possible to obtain when there has been a significant change to a parent's income; however, you will need to go before a judge to do so.
  • Child support payments are made to the primary residential parent on behalf of the children. Collected monies must be used toward the child's living expenses.
  • Support will be paid until a child reaches age 18.

Child support will generally be determined in conjunction with a divorce proceeding. If you need an advocate in your corner as child support orders are being drawn or help in collecting funds due, Rier Jordan stands ready to assist in these matters. Call 305-899-1212 for a free initial consultation.