When Divorce is the Answer to Marital Issues, Miami Family Law Lawyer Rier Jordan Can Make the Process as Smooth and Equitable as Possible

Despite the best of intentions and sometimes years of anguish that come when a couple tries to make their marriage work, divorce is the outcome of a staggering percentage of marriages. In the State of Florida, divorce is generally considered to be a "no fault" legal action that severs the union between a husband and a wife.

Sounds simple, right? In reality, divorce is rarely simple. It's a situation wrought with emotion as individuals deal with broken promises and lost dreams. When children, property and joint debt enter the picture, what might have been a cut-and-dry legal proceeding becomes complex and far-reaching in scope. That's you need an aggressive attorney with large depth of experience in family law matters in your corner. Rier Jordan and his family law team understand the legal and emotional tolls when a couple divorces, and they stand ready to advocate for your interests.

In Florida, there are only two requirements that need to be met prior to a divorce decree being issued:

  • At least one spouse must have been a resident of the State of Florida for at least six months.
  • At least one spouse must agree that the marital union is irrevocably broken.

The devil, however, is often in the details. When a husband or wife applies for a Petition of Dissolution of Marriage, as divorce is legally known, the other party has 20 days to respond to the petition. After this time, each party must supply paperwork regarding their financial situations as well as real estate or other jointly owned property. This information will serve as evidence in the divorce proceedings and arbitration for the equitable split of these details ensues.

Like all good family lawyers, it's the goal of the attorneys at Rier Jordan to negotiate an agreement on these factors outside of the courtroom in a way that is acceptable to both parties to the divorce. Sometimes, however, an agreement cannot be reached in mediation. When that happens, Rier Jordan presents your position before a family law judge and questions your soon-to-be ex-spouse in a way that frames your interests in the best possible light.

Child custody, visitation, support and alimony matters also will come to play in many divorce proceedings, and Rier Jordan is equipped to address these matters too, both inside and outside the courtroom.

If you're facing divorce in Florida, call on one of the area's leading divorce and family law attorneys at 305-899-1212. All initial consultations with Rier Jordan are confidential and free of charge.