DUI Defense

Rier Jordan is One of South Florida's Most Successful DUI Defense Attorneys. He Knows the Prosecutions' Weaknesses and That Means a Strong Defense for You.

Drunk driving can be a serious violation. The laws are clear - if you drive with a blood alcohol concentration of more than .08 percent, you can be arrested and charged with a DUI. Just because you've been charged, however, doesn't mean that you're guilty.

Miami defense attorney Rier Jordan has defended hundreds of drivers just like you, who have been charged with DUI. For many of these drivers, Rier Jordan was able to have the charges dismissed and driving privileges reinstated. For those that proceed to trial, his success rate is impressive - and that's a testament to both his teams' litigation skills, and its knowledge of the strengths and weaknesses of the state's case.

Many DUI arrests in Florida come as the result of a failed roadside sobriety test. These tests, which are conducted by police officers with a diverse degree of training and evaluation skills, are highly unreliable indicators of an individual's sobriety. Even perfectly sober people can wobble, be confused or fail to be able to touch a finger to a nose while balancing on one foot or walk heal-to-toe along a straight line on the side of a road. Interestingly, there is no legal obligation in the state of Florida for you to submit to a roadside sobriety test.

Breathalyzers and other chemical evaluators of a person's blood alcohol content are another common part of the evidence in a DUI case. This equipment must be carefully calibrated and regularly maintained - and its operator properly trained in its use - in order for it to provide reliable evidence in DUI cases. As a licensed Florida driver, you are obligated to submit to a chemical test of your blood alcohol content - and refusing to do so will result in a loss of your driving rights for a year. If you suspect that your blood alcohol level is more than .08 percent, refusing a test may provide an advantage in your defense. Without a chemical test, there will be no definitive proof of your blood alcohol level. Sometimes, however, refusing to take the breathalyzer test can hamper your defense since you are legally obligated to submit to such testing when you accept a Florida driver's license, so you should weigh the situation carefully before making your decision to take such a test.

Rier Jordan and his team are prepared to examine other factors, like the driver's medical history, when establishing a defense in DUI case. Sometimes when a driver is simply tired or has an illness or condition that may indicate drunkenness even when the driver is perfectly sober. In addition to building a strong defense from the specific details of your arrest, Rier Jordan and his team can help you navigate the associated rules and regulations of a DUI arrest. The Florida Department of Motor Vehicles has guidelines and timeframes for applying for hardship licenses - and a very short amount of time in which you're able to do this.

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