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Criminal Law

Miami Attorney Rier Jordan Stands Firm In His Advocacy of Those Facing Criminal Charges in the State of Florida

Whether you are being investigated for possibly committing a criminal offense or have already been arrested, it is important to prepare yourself, educate yourself, and retain the best legal representation out there. The criminal process can be daunting, intimidating, overly frustrating, and so much more. Having an attorney by your side to fight for you and protect your constitutional rights is not just important but is completely necessary. At the Law Firm of Rier Jordan, P.A., you'll be surrounded by attorney's with legal courtroom experience. Our firm prides itself on aggressive and effective representation while making it affordable for you as the client.

Handling cases from the pre-arrest and early investigation stages to representing clients accused of DUI, Drug Trafficking, Robberies or Armed Offenses, to Manslaughter and Homicide cases, our firm has extensive experience across the criminal arena throughout the State of Florida. Check out our website's Media Section for many of the high-profile cases we've recently handled, or come into our office for a free consultation to see how we can help you or a loved one and an opportunity to see many of the fantastic results on the most serious of cases on our Winner's Row Wall.

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Family Law

Perhaps no other area of law is as emotion-filled as those issues that come up in family court. Whether you're divorcing your spouse or merely considering it, negotiating child custody and support issues or inquiring about the possibilities of spousal support, Rier Jordan and his family law team are there for you. Their South Florida family law practice is equipped to advise you of the legal ramifications and requirements that come into play when a marriage falls apart. They will look out for your interests and those of your children, as details of the split are established.
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